Art of Elegance Fair – Weekly Times Country Living Visit

Posted on November 16, 2011



Friday 11th November 2011, just before lunch, Art of Elegance Fair was the subject of a fantastic vintage photo shoot, courtesy of Genevieve Barlow, and Zoe Phillips from Weekly Times Country Living.  Everyone helped out and Zoe was really inspired by the country themes, the historical Dunolly Town Hall, and created a definitive kind of elegance just right for the Fair.  Not to mention the impromptu help we got from a vintage Chevrolet sedan, a tiered High Tea cake stand from Dunolly Books and Collectibles, and pink roses from a kindly neighbour’s yard!   Watch for photos and story in upcoming editions of the Weekly Times in the Country Living section.   See you at the Fair!

words: copyright M. Roleff 2011

images and logo: copyright T. Titshall 2011

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