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1940’s Art – Annie Irish – Talbot, Victoria

January 31, 2012


  Annie Irish specializes in 1940’s art, and originates from the UK, but is now settled in Scandinavian Crescent, Talbot. She has a keen interest in historical photos and local history.  She has exhibited overseas and has been involved in many local exhibitions.  Skilled as an illustrator, her works continue to carry the influence of this style, […]

Three Coins in the Fountain – Fanny’s Flat – Movie Theme

January 27, 2012


  Tiffany Titshall, proprietress of Fanny’s Flat Vintage Boutique in Talbot, Victoria, is another inspired trader who is using movie themes to craft her space at the Art of Elegance Fair.  The story behind her inspiration is like a letter to the world, and shows how film can leave an indelible memory from even the […]

From Here to Eternity – Bell’s Belles – Movie Theme

January 22, 2012


  As one of the Art of Elegance Fair traders using Hollywood film as inspiration, Leah Bell of Bell’s Belles shares her ideas and inspiration on her blog, using “From Here to Eternity” (1953) as her theme.  We just know it is going to be wonderful.  Congratulation, in advance, Leah.  Stay tuned for more movie theme trader updates, […]

Art of Elegance Fair Flyer and Updates

January 19, 2012


  With the Fair getting closer and interest building, it was lovely to see the article appear in the Weekly Times online and in print!   Genevieve Barlow from Miranda/Country Living section wrote about the Art of Elegance Fair, and Zoe Phillip’s images show everyone in the cool shade of a hot day in Dunolly near the Hall.  […]

Wear J’a Get That? – Maryborough, Victoria – Vintage Fashion

January 17, 2012


    Mandy Tranter’s Wear J’a Get That? remains a popular destination for bold vintage colour fashion and accessories.  She has an eye for colour and the knack for giving advice on any outfit, stocking some fabulous new and near new 1950’s and earlier fashion items for men and women, along with fabulous pre-loved pieces.  […]

Amaroo – Maryborough, Victoria – Vintage Kitchen Collectibles

January 17, 2012


  It really is sensible, as well as whimsical,  to look back and re-use or resurrect ideas from the past.  Kitchen items are no exception when it comes to valuable collectibles, and if done right, a kitchen of any era can be turned into something with a museum like quality to it.  Proof of the value of kitchen […]

Fairytale Frostings – Debbie Chapman – Maryborough, Victoria

January 10, 2012


     Debbie Chapman is approaching the first anniversary of Fairytale Frostings next month, a business dream come true in her newly designed Nolan Street store.  As most business people know, dreams usually come true only after a great deal of hard work, but when you see the results, it’s always worth it.  This store creates beautiful […]

Tea Culture – What’s Going on?

January 9, 2012


     What exactly is going on with tea culture?  In preparing the Fair, it’s become clear tea is popular and tea is being talked about.  It’s not just tea, but many kinds of tea, so many varieties they can’t be counted.  People who were strict coffee drinkers and part of the cafe set have […]

Cadillac Walk – Ingrid Maschek – Talbot, Victoria

January 6, 2012


  Ingrid Maschek at Cadillac Walk  has been creating one off couture bags, hand made from quality leather and trim materials, for eight years.  This must be the reason her bags are the most sought after accessories among women who know her work.  Each bag is individually made, and is the only one of its […]

Festive Season – Art of Elegance Fair Update

January 1, 2012


Just a quick Fair update, trusting everyone had a lovely festive time and wishing you all the best the new year has to offer.   Look out for the Weekly Times article covering the Fair and concepts, initiated and written by Genevieve Barlow, advance notice of this was given late last year, so keep an eye […]