Tea Culture – What’s Going on?

Posted on January 9, 2012



What exactly is going on with tea culture?  In preparing the Fair, it’s become clear tea is popular and tea is being talked about.  It’s not just tea, but many kinds of tea, so many varieties they can’t be counted.  People who were strict coffee drinkers and part of the cafe set have even switched to tea, a case of which belongs to Stephen Hough, UK composer and pianist, who was mentioned today on ABC Classic FM.   He also goes on to later blog about George Orwell’s writings on the proper way to prepare and drink tea, here.  Seems world famous writers and concert pianists alike know their own mind when it comes to tea.   Many think the best cup of tea has to be loose leaf poured from a pot, which is certainly on the mark, and is the way the tea will be prepared by Fiona Lindsay from Wright on Broadway for the High Tea at the Fair.   So tea has had its fair share of analysis, and certain times and ways of  having tea can evoke memories and particular tastes, as individual as the person taking it.  The High Tea Society of Australia certainly knows this, and have some info on tea, and interviews on why people like it, and what they take with it.  Their site has all the relevant links and you can follow them on social media of your choice.   And according to Wikipedia, tea is the second most popular drink in the world, only preceded by water.   Here are some clever tea inspired quotes and passages from well known author’s books, such as Agatha Christie, where tea doesn’t fail to get a mention.  See you at the Fair.

images: copyright L & R, T. Titshall, 2012 copyright centre, M. Roleff, 2012  (Lan Choo tea – store window Dunolly.)

Words: copyright  M. Roleff, 2012

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