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Posted on January 27, 2012



Tiffany Titshall, proprietress of Fanny’s Flat Vintage Boutique in Talbot, Victoria, is another inspired trader who is using movie themes to craft her space at the Art of Elegance Fair.  The story behind her inspiration is like a letter to the world, and shows how film can leave an indelible memory from even the earliest years.   Her choice of  “Three Coins in the Fountain” has this history behind it:

“My mother has been packed and ready for travel since she first had to abandon her favourite dolls to come to Australia with her brother, parents and grandparents via the exotic shores of the Suez as a Ten Pound Pom, or even before, when at the age of three or so she packed her little bag and announced to her parents that she was leaving home. Since then she has never been without several suitcases and a bag of essential things with lots of compartments. Even today she sells such accessories in her store “Third Street Promenade” on Scandinavian Crescent in Talbot. When my sister and I were children, she took us to Europe and made sure we had our own special travel bags with travel games to play and pencils and pads for drawing what we saw, as well as matching outfits. We also had little envelopes for sending letters back to our teddy bears. Mum wanted us to have all of the things she had to leave behind.

When I saw “Three Coins in The Fountain” as a child, I marvelled at the delight of travel, the exotic scenes in bright colour, and I realize now it would have been released soon after my mother made her journey. It is said that the real location widescreen exterior scenes are what made it worthy of an award. The story is a funny little one of women finding romance and I was intrigued by their tactics for attracting gorgeous men! Most of all I loved the idea of this fountain, the wish, the wonder and the beauty of it. It is a thing that represents life with water flowing through it and is a glorious collaboration of engineering and art.

Recently I acquired a set of vintage ship menus from Italy, each with a fountain image painted on the cover. This inspired me to take on the theme for the Fair. I may not recreate the Trevi but I will have some suitably themed props for you to wait and see, and these will be stocked with vintage hats, some gloves, jewellery, antique boots and accessories inspired by the film.  In collaboration with a collector friend we will also have suitcases full of fun frocks from the 70s, fab shoes, hand bags and limited edition lithographs printed in Paris to complete the artful travel theme. We will also have some beautiful vintage evening wear.

I can’t wait to see it all decoratively strewn at the fair!”


Fanny’s Flat, Tiffany Titshall, Shop 1, 40 Scandinavian Crescent, Talbot, Victoria 3371

Mobile: 0428 342 937

Words: copyright M. Roleff and T. Titshall, 2012

Images: copyright T. Titshall, 2012

“Three Coins in the Fountain” Movie Release Poster, courtesy Wikipedia, copyright all sources, 2012

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