A & A Collectibles – A & A Comley – Maryborough, Victoria

Posted on February 4, 2012



Alan and Ann Comley, of Maryborough, Victoria, are a couple who have historical collecting as their lifestyle.  He loves gramophones, and has a fabulous collection, some of which will be offered for sale at the Art of Elegance Fair.  All of them are in working order and there will also be records to play on them available.  She loves linens, lace, teddy bears, and memorabilia, especially if it’s about aviation history.  Fashion through many eras is also a favourite collecting past time of Ann’s, and she has large files of precious historical images related to fashion and women’s crafts.  They put their time into historical causes and related matters, and between the two of them, have a wealth of knowledge.  Along with the gramophones, there will be teddy bears, dolls clothes and prams, aviation history, linens and lace, and lots of memorabilia about women’s culture from Ann’s collection.   They also help out at the Maryborough Flour Mill Gallery (Sew What) in Maryborough, through which they can be contacted, and have some of their collections on show, — well worth seeing!   Don’t miss their stall at the Fair…


Alan & Ann Comley – A & A Collectibles – Maryborough, Victoria, 3465

Wayne and Judi McKail, Maryborough Flour Mill Gallery, Sew What Antique Sewing Machines and Museum

38 Albert Street, Maryborough Vic. 3465

Mobile: 0419 101 144

Words and Images: copyright M. Roleff, 2011

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