Fair Visitors and Winners – Art of Elegance Fair Summer 2012

Posted on February 21, 2012



It was lovely to see Carli and her family come to the Fair, as she was the winner of the prize of two entry tickets via Leah Bell from the stylish Bell’s Belles in Castlemaine.  They enjoyed their day, and Carli wrote a fabulous post about her Fair visit at her blog site Vintage Musings of a Modern Pin Up.  The girls really liked the cup cakes from Fairytale Frostings, who will be doing the High Tea at Maryborough Town Hall for the Autumn Fair on May 13th 2012.  We don’t blame them one bit for being attracted to these cakes, as they are known to be delicious!   Thank you Carli and family for being part of the Fair.  Tiffany of Fanny’s Flat, Talbot, Victoria also held a ticket competition and Miss Lulu Pin Curls won, congratulations to her, but was unable to be there on the day, but she is certain to be there in May, when she can claim her prize entry for two.  We have heard she may also hold a pin curls session at a future fair, which is all a bit exciting!


words: copyright M. Roleff 2012

images: copyright T. Titshall, C. Cluff and M. Roleff cup cakes, 2012

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