Weekly Times Vintage Prints and Early Era Style Decor

Posted on February 23, 2012



The Weekly Times Vintage Print early February 2012 series, available through their generosity at the Fair, were definitely popular, with some patrons saying they were already collecting the set and would just collect more.   A few were being sent overseas, some were being made into placemats, and others treasured as a “must have” Australian piece 0f history.  The early era images went every well with displays, especially this fabulous red gramophone from A & A  Collectibles at the Fair, who specialise in them.  Easy to see people of the era of the Weekly Times Annual from 1913 settling back in an armchair to read their copy, and listen to some favourite tunes.  Fair patrons loved stepping back in time, and living with vintage in their homes in modern times.  Having these collectible prints from Weekly Times helped people remember back then…

words: copyright M. Roleff, 2012

images: copyright M. Roleff and T. Titshall, 2012

(Vintage Print series copyright and concept remains with Herald and Weekly Times, Limited.)

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