Victoria Byegone – Joanne O’Flaherty – Maryborough, Victoria

Posted on March 30, 2012



Chanel is one of Joanne O’Flaherty’s favourite influences, in creating her look for Victoria Byegone, at the Art of Elegance Fair in Autumn.  She mixes all styles together, and makes it work, from Eastern fused with Victorian Era, and even contemporary collectible items.  Choose from shimmering scarves and belts, colourful modern tinware with retro designs, Eastern gossamer fans, quirky Australiana, net or satin gloves,  precious teddies and dolls, — all set in the highly decorative Victorian Era style.  She remembers an early influence being a lady who set the best tea and cakes in her elegant home, which left a lasting impression on her as a child, and also still being around antique culture, and for many years since, at the Maryborough Station.   With the Victorian Era came an interest in exotic cultures, as the people filled their houses with items as display and conversation pieces.  Put that into the modern era, and mix styles even further, and you get ideas fusing into the present.   Make sure to visit Joanne’s space in the Dance Hall at the Fair, and find out how to get the look to match your home and lifestyle. 


Joanne O’Flaherty, Victoria Byegone

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