Stitches & Pictures – Sew What & Paramount Cinema – Maryborough, Victoria

Posted on April 18, 2012



Maryborough’s famous “Sew What” at the Maryborough Flour Mill Gallery & Museum are teaming up with Paramount Theatre this time for the Art of Elegance Fair in town on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 13th.  You can find movie memorabilia combined with vintage sewing home and lifestyle, at their premises, which will be open on the day, as will the Paramount Theatre, showing historical short films to be announced, and also a main feature screening in the evening after the Fair.   More on this later.  A look inside each location is like a step back in time, and is a must for history lovers, as part of the day at the Fair.  They will be making a combined display near the stage at the Maryborough Town Hall, showing old cinematic equipment such as movie cameras, and there will be lots of sewing machines to look at too.  Make a day of it and visit these sites along with the Art of Elegance Fair, all in easy walking distance, as ticket entry includes all day pass out between venues too.  Don’t miss a show of vintage history for lifestyle enthusiasts and collectors…great furniture available for vintage decor, too, at each location.



Wayne and Judi McKail, Maryborough Flour Mill Gallery, Sew What Antique Sewing Machines and Museum,

38 Albert Street, Maryborough Victoria 3465

Mobile: 0419 101 144


Paramount Theatre

56 Nolan Street, Maryborough, Victoria 3465

Phone: (03) 5460 5434


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