Deco Style – PurpleMum Deco Designs – Horsham, Victoria

Posted on May 6, 2012



Some lovely follow up designs, showing the handcrafted work of Pam Capstick, who joins the Art of Elegance Fair from Horsham, Victoria.  In her previous post we learned more about her influences, and favourite TV watching the stylish Miss Fisher, and here are some other variations on those themes.  Look for her space in the Main Hall, with a creative Deco look.  Ask her advice on using  jewellery to redefine a much loved outfit, and add glamour to your wardrobe choices, or match up with new pieces.  Deco was such a stylish and smart period, it’s no wonder Pam chooses to take her inspiration from that time.  See you at the Fair…


PurpleMum Deco Designs by Pam Capstick

Horsham, Victoria

mobile: 0407 848 569

PurpleMum on Etsy

words: copyright M. Roleff, 2012

images: copyright Pam Capstick, 2012

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