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Posted on May 7, 2012



Daryl Greenwood of Talbot Concrete Gardening Supplies has a great range of garden statuary, ranging from fountains to pillars, forms and figurines.  Planning a vintage or period themed garden involves getting inspiration from many different sources, and sticking to the period you want, or mixing styles for fusion if you can’t decide which one is your favourite.  There are many to choose from and there will be a good range at the trading space at the Fair, located in the foyer section of the Main Town Hall.  Ask his advice on statuary and creating the look you want, and how to deal with the practical sides as well, such as where to place them, and what care they need.  With the theme of the Fair being Grand Country Home & Garden this trader will be very handy to visit.  See you are the Fair!

Daryl Greenwood – Talbot Concrete Gardening Supplies

Mc Leary Street, Talbot Victoria 3371

Phone: (03) 5463 2573


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