Art of Elegance Fair – Winter Flyer

Posted on July 20, 2012


Wonderful to see the Art of Elegance Fair Winter Flyer, due out next week.   Tiffany Titshall has made some additions to the logo, which looks just perfect.  Fanny’s Flat will be open on the day, so go by the store in Talbot on the way.  Local vintage traders in Maryborough who are known from previous seasons will be open part of the day as well.  Should be a lovely cosy Fair, with lots to see, and some very good details to follow on the Romantic Vineyard menu and also the Buffet High Tea, where Lizzie’s Larder will lend an expert hand!  Renee and Dave return from the Autumn Fair, with wonderful winter wine and food choices.   Stay tuned for more details soon…see you at the Fair!

words: copyright M. Roleff, 2012

image: copyright T. Titshall, 2012

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