Valma Vintage – Veronica, Lavinia & Annabelle – Clunes, Victoria

Posted on July 31, 2012



Veronica, Lavinia and Annabelle make up Valma Vintage,  a hidden surprise in the goldfields town of Clunes, Victoria.  Veronica loves vintage and her girls do too, so it makes sense they have teamed up to create an interesting store concept at the rear of the salon in heritage rich Fraser Street.  There will be a range of vintage shoes, bags, accessories, dresses and other items to choose from, all put together in fabulous style.  Ask their advice on how to put a look together, and how to collect different pieces.  Their trading space will be first on the left of the entry, and they will be sure to have some rare Wintry items on the day too.  See you at the Fair…

Veronica, Lavinia and Annabelle

Valma Vintage (Rear of Clunes Family Hairdresser)

47 Fraser Street, Clunes, Victoria

Phone: (03) 5345 3754

words: copyright M. Roleff, 2012

image: copyright M. Roleff, 2012

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