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Posted on August 7, 2012



Janet Galbraith, along with Kitch’n Art, has another label called “janetmary designs”.  The distinction between the two is that in the former her focus is on using pre-loved fabrics and making them into “beautiful, unique and useful objects”, and for the latter she also uses pre-loved fabrics, but turns them into “objects that are wearable”.   All of these skirts are vintage and have been worked under the “janetmary designs” label.  The first skirt is an upscaled Fletcher Jones label skirt of the best quality fabric, the second an A-line skirt with braid, and the third a pencil skirt with lovely trims.  Janet explains her statement of inspiration here:

“I learned to sew whilst sitting on Grannie Galbraith’s knee – peddling the treadle machine for her.  Grannie always re-used and re-made – making what had been, become something else.  Old fabrics and pre-loved materials carry stories.  I find that the fabric often dictates what it will become; what other fabrics may sit well with it or jag against it; what colours and lines may infuse it with life, what use it may be put to.  Each item I make is a one-off.  I am not interested in mass production but value the hand/home-made.  Grannie’s pieces were never precise or perfect but carried her character in the sometimes messy work or juxtaposed patterns.  My work too carries its own character, each piece growing out of the weft and weave of the fabrics as they pass through my hands.”– Janet Mary Galbraith

Here are some more pieces from her Kitch ‘n Art label, which are just gorgeous, creative and very useful.  There is a certain special quality to pre-loved and vintage items, as they do tell their own story, and that adds weight to their worth, we think…see you at the Fair.


Kitch ‘n Art – Janet Galbraith

Castlemaine, Victoria

mobile: 0438 891 629

Gathering (Across from Dig Cafe)

6a Panmure Street, Newstead Victoria 3462

Hours: Fri 11 am – 3 pm, Sat and Sun 10 am – 3 pm

or by appointment, phone Lisa 0438 582 632

Gathering supports local Victoria artists, designers, handmakers and creators.

words: copyright M. Roleff, 2012

images: copyright J. Galbraith, 2012

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