Art of Elegance Fair Spring Flyer – Sunday November 11th, 2012

Posted on November 1, 2012



Here is the beautiful flyer for the Art of Elegance Fair Spring, logo and design by Tiffany Titshall of Fanny’s Flat Vintage Boutique, Talbot, Victoria.  It completes the seasonal series of four done for the Fairs, Summer, Autumn, Winter and now Spring, 2012.  Next year there will be updates on different styles of smaller specialized events.  Keep up with the blog on style tips and other interesting things.  The Fair has seen lots of great traders and ideas, and will continue on in new forms.  We are thrilled that Fair patrons have collected the different flyers so far, and the one above completes the set.  See you at the Fair…there will be door prizes, random prizes and giveaways, trader specials, and lots more!


Logo and Design: copyright, T. Titshall, 2012

Words: copyright, M. Roleff, 2012

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