More Small Vintage Decor Items – Amaroo Antiques – Maryborough, Victoria

Posted on November 10, 2012



Just like the previous Fair, Amaroo will come on board with some small vintage decor items which make taking up this style of home making easy (Homelife Online).   A Fantastic Arts and Crafts period small table (centre right), a 1940’s stained timber chair (centre left) of great basic design, a 1950’s stool (far left) and some gorgeous big golliwogs can all go a long way to add value and style to your home.   Look for their trading space on the right in the main hall at the Maryborough Anglican Hall, and see front desk for information.  Eric and Mary’s shop is also open from midday, where you can see their full range of antiques, art and collectibles.  It’s a lot of fun to test out your spotting skills once you decide on a period to decorate with, and is very rewarding, as all these items just climb in value as the years go by.  It’s also a great option to mix styles.  Some items, such as these German glazed floor vases make a real statement, and are just coming into popularity again, so are well worth collecting.  Visit this space at the Art of Elegance Fair Spring this Sunday, 11th November, 2012.  See you at the Fair…



Eric and Mary Wytkamp,  Amaroo Antiques, Art and Collectibles

82 Nolan Street, Maryborough Victoria 3465

Phone: 0447 501 554


Words and Images: copyright M. Roleff 2012.

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