Nature’s Folly – Tiffany Titshall – Central Goldfields Art Gallery, Victoria

Posted on May 3, 2013


8374092 TT Exhibition

Here is something bound for the arts diary, the upcoming Tiffany Titshall solo exhibition entitled “Nature’s Folly” — on from 2 pm Saturday 1st June through to 14th July 2013.  The Central Goldfields Art Gallery is showcasing the works in this collection, drawn from the influence of nature and human interaction with it.  Locations that inspired include local central Victorian landscapes and overseas for architectural studies.   Those who saw Tiffany’s handmade artistic prop of a retro fountain at the Summer Art of Elegance Fair will know she has been very much inspired by fountains, as she shared the story of the inspiration with us there.  The fountain now stands in the middle of her store “Fanny’s Flat Vintage Boutique“, adorned with a beautiful stock of  many treasures.  She also does freelance styling work, as shown on her blog, along with many other skills and talents.   Details of this eagerly awaited exhibition follow for those familiar with Tiffany’s work, and for those who are increasingly being inspired by it, be sure not to miss it…

8374092 TT Exhibition

Nature’s Folly – Tiffany Titshall

Central Goldfields Art Gallery (website)

Neill Street, (Old Fire Station)

Maryborough, Victoria 3465

Phone: (03) 5460 4588

Dates:  2 pm Saturday 1st June – 14 July, 2013

Gallery Hours:  Thursday – Sunday, 10 am – 4 pm

Click this link for more information on use of recycled heritage timbers for frames by Tiffany Titshall and Caleb Cluff.

words: copyright M. Roleff, 2013

flyer images, words, graphics and art: copyright T. Titshall, 2013