Jazz in July 2013 – Vintage Weekend in Charlton, Victoria

Posted on May 10, 2013


  Rex Theatre - Jazz In July Final Poster for Email

Months in the planning, patrons booking now for Jazz in July 2013 at the resurrected Rex Theatre in country Victoria’s Charlton are in for a real treat, with “Truly Madly Deeply” jazz trio and the fabulous “Late Night Radio” cabaret show on the 20th, and “Hot B. Hines” jazz band on 21st.  The committee and friends of The Rex will present their best weekend of jazz and vintage themed entertainment ever.  Grab a ticket for any of the shows or buy a combo to experience the Festival Hub at The Rex Theatre, shop the vintage treasures mini trunk show in the foyer, roll up to the Charlton High Street Antique and Monster Street market, enjoy amusements and competitions for all ages, dress up vintage and be prepared to dance to inside and outside entertainment, and lots more.   Enjoy an amazing “Magic Lantern Show” by David Demant (Museum Victoria Curator) on the 20th where special effects and sounds from previous eras are demonstrated using antique projectors, showing how theatres used to entertain.  It’s stylish golden era fun for all, weekend of 20th and 21st of July 2013, morning ’til night.  See the information below for bookings and how to find out more.  Now for the music…

Paris Payne of “Truly Madly Deeply” is thrilled to be involved, leading the music fest with sultry ballads, swing and Latin Groove, with a jazz nuance: “It’s sparkling vintage music as we recreate songs from the great 40’s composers, particularly the American songbook.  We play regularly at stylish venues in the Daylesford Macedon region and beyond, and just love it.”  Paris’ smooth vocals compare to Julie London (Sunday Independent music review) to give an idea of what you can expect, backed by top Australian jazz guitarist Jack Pantazis, (Kate Ceberano, National Tour The Lion King) recently returned from overseas, and the “superlative” bass of Neil Hodgson gives the smooth fretless sound that earned him Paris’ title of “The Swingmeister”.  This trio know how to bring in the elegance of another era.  “Late Night Radio” electrifies the evening stage at The Rex, with Paris and Louis Payne leading a snappy cabaret show that will delight and move patrons to dance in the aisles.  Dress up, be part of the era and experience this collaboration of musicians from jazz, blues, folk and rock backgrounds whose shared love of music creates a sophisticated past era fusion.  Paris Payne and Louis Payne provide the perfect foil for each other’s vocals.  From a long history of each with their own bands, they wanted to sing together, because duets were thrilling for them as well as creating an amazing audience response:  “I think people love the contrast of the power of male vocal and the subtlety of the female vocal and the material from that period of time suits the combination so well” says Paris.  This spark was how “Late Night Radio” came into being, when radio was all there was for an evening’s entertainment.  Backed by a big and brassy “jazz” sound mix of musicians, Paris Payne’s sultry vocals crackle the airwaves with Louis Payne’s torch blues style ballads.

Most importantly, the vintage seed of their own motivation comes from a shared love of music from the 1930’s and 40’s.  “It was a brilliant and inspired time for songwriting”, Paris reflects, “there are many songs of optimism and resourcefulness which came from the difficult time of the depression.  Life was very hard but there was a focus on taking responsibility for finding joy and appreciating life’s blessings.”  This heritage resonates particularly powerfully for Louis, whose own grandfather toured regional Victoria (as a violinist and singer) in a band called “The Gloom Busters”, during that period, bringing good cheer to so many.  Like his forebear, he thrives on creating a cheeky, playful interaction with the audience through music.  People often get up and spontaneously dance when he performs (even when there are no dance floors!).  “We both love working with great musicians, who share in our philosophy, that music connects directly to the core of us,” they quip together, adding, “We keep very busy performing in our individual bands (Paris with “Truly, Madly, Deeply” and “Birdland” – Louis with “Louis and the Jump Jivers” and “Louis and the Cocktail Shakers”), but “Late Night Radio” is a bigger sound, complete with saxophonist.  True to the music, we only bring the cabaret show out when there is a venue that can do it justice.  We jumped at the chance to perform at The Rex in Charlton.  The acoustics are rich and lovely and the ambience is a perfect complement to the music.  Audiences can expect an evening of enrichment, pathos and joy, and great music!”

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Jazz in July 2013 – Weekend of Entertainment – Accommodation available
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