Medjool – Deco Style by Jill – Jazz in July Charlton 2013

Posted on July 4, 2013


Hat and Mitts Detail  Hat and Gloves and Mix Black Hat and Mitts Detail

“Medjool” takes its exotic name from the true date palms so famous during the Deco era, in a mixed range of hand crafted items by Jill of  Ballarat.  Her trunk space in The Rex Theatre foyer will showcase handspun wool in glamorous 20’s and 30’s styles, cloche hats and fingerless gloves sets, cosy mitts with flower and sparkling trims.  Choose from blacks and mossy greens, beautiful shawls in a mix of purples and blues, dressed up with a brooch or two.   It will also feature an elegant beige chenille scarf with shiny trims, and a very stylish hand felted silver cloche with black trim, perfect for day wear or a special night out.  There will also be a range of ready made authentic vintage Deco era gloves and hats, as well as some hand picked collectible accessories.  (More updates soon on Deco style china pieces and decorative items, so stay tuned!)  No two pieces are the same, and each one is designed to be a signature item for the wearer or collector.  Her designs are just right for these chilly winter days which are here to stay until the seasons change again, perfect for day or evening wear.  One more reason to come and enjoy the festive scene at Jazz in July at The Rex Theatre in High Street Charlton with live shows inside (booking now), lots to see and discover with street entertainment, prizes, dress ups, market and loads more…further details see links below.

Shawl, Chenille Scarf and Brooches Felted Hat and Hat and Mitts

Medjool by Jill – Elegant Deco Wear – Handcrafted and Vintage Accessories, Ballarat Victoria

Mobile 0419 554 011

Rex-Theatre-480x339 Coaster Front JIJ 2013

Jazz in July 2013 – Weekend of Entertainment – Accommodation available

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