1930’s Medjool – Deco Style by Jill – Jazz in July Charlton 2013

Posted on July 18, 2013


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More gorgeous treasures, original vintage era hats and accessories as well as luxuriously hand crafted styles, follow in the introduction of the beautiful range of Medjool by Jill.   Her trading space will be in The Rex Theatre foyer as part of the Art of Elegance Fair mini vintage trunk show.  In addition to her range, find vintage china trios, crystal, and linens for the table, or gloves, scarves and shawls with embellishments and sparkle for day or evening wear.  There are even hand crafted bands for the hair, knitted in quality homespun fibres, that revive the Deco era so right for modern times.  Choose from charcoal, copper, moss, amethyst and ebony in warm shades with a beautiful comfort for the wearer.  Capturing the elegance of the 1930’s era in modern days is easy with Medjool by Jill, as the label takes all the glamour of the age and makes it contemporary.   So if it’s modern day wear, or vintage style of Deco era, you will find something to suit at her trading space.   Starts 10 am this Saturday 20th July 2013 in the cozy Rex Theatre foyer until late in the day.  It’s all getting very close now!!  See you there!

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Medjool by Jill – Elegant Deco Wear – Handcrafted and Vintage Accessories, Ballarat Victoria

Mobile 0419 554 011

Rex-Theatre-480x339  Coaster Front JIJ 2013
Jazz in July 2013 – Weekend of Entertainment – Accommodation available

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