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Posted on November 9, 2013


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Elizabeth Bell, long time stylist and proprietor of The Red Store in Newstead, Victoria, is a logical source of information on new trends in vintage for the home.  Not only does she love combining various periods and styles into home decor, but also adopts the style principles herself, and it has become a complete lifestyle.  The saying of Arts and Crafts Era powerhouse, William Morris (1834 – 1896), informs her philosophy: “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” (“The Beauty of Life” Lecture, 1880, UK).  She believes personal choices are best when they are “aspirational” – informed by some kind of aim or attribute that satisfies the buyer or collector, rather than slavishly following trends for their own sake.  You may think silverware long past its gleaming height of glory, a lost part of the Victorian era well left behind for all its hard work to upkeep, but nowadays, silverware is collected for its faded elegance, often left unpolished, so that it glows golden in the dining room light.   Any “bumps” or “dings” are now excused, as these older items now become storytellers of history, and do not beg to be repaired.  Imperfection is now acceptable, due to the forgiving changes in trends, which now put these lost treasures back into the limelight for their obvious charm.  Along with the silver themes, Elizabeth Bell stocks a range of items she can advise on, all hand chosen for her own particular set of values, which she shares with her clientele.  Among these is an interest in aging wines, and a love of champagne bottle/label art culture and ice buckets, and authentic kitchen culture, based on aged wood and faded paint storytelling style.  Find out more about the background behind the style from Danielle White’s Countryphiles, and also from the The Red Store‘s website which offers online sales and advice, too.  True style says a lot about the person who displays it, and it’s more about personal meaning than most other things, but it can take time and advice to get it right, and it means talking to the right people, too.  Watch for more home decorating idea detail from Elizabeth Bell in the future, as she regularly adapts her style to seasons and her own taste, and key pieces do shift from the shop floor.  The table in the window left to a very happy home this week, so you have to be alert, for the popularity of this trend is on the rise.  Most of all, the advice is honest and informed, and the service is true to the traditional roots of the lovely building that houses it all, and follows the adage of William Morris faithfully.  More decor ideas to come, updates to follow.

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