New Vintage Decor Trends – Amaroo & Wear J’a Get That? – Maryborough, Victoria

Posted on November 22, 2013


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Updating on new trends in Maryborough’s Nolan Street, two traders stock items that can build into growing trends on the vintage home decor scene.  Amaroo Antiques and Art  carry a good range of prints, framed and unframed, and various types of wall art.  Mirrors, clocks and shelving can also form interesting decorative effects when grouped together with more conventional framed wall art.  Trends in the UK’s House to Home magazine online show how effective this style of home decoration for walls is in practice, and this can be seen from the photos above at Amaroo, where the style is put into a retail setting.  Eras and textures can be mixed, colour grouped or grouped by theme for dramatic effect, see Art and Lair Blog USA for some ideas and search their images.   Also from the USA, take a look at Studio, Garden & Bungalow for a nice take on country style decor incorporating wall art styles and types.  Most of all have some fun with it, give it meaning, and enjoy planning and collecting!

Wear J'a Get That? 1  Wear J'a Get That? 3

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Wear J’a Get That? focuses on fashion mainly, but also specializes in a great range of bold colours and funky styles in home decor accents.  Hats are back in a big way, and also look fantastic as display items.  It’s easy to get a dramatic effect using different vintage hat styles, showing them off with different looks and accessories when not being worn.  Coco Chanel, the famous designer from Paris, wore mainly black and white, and made this her signature, which can be expanded into home decor as well.  Dressing tables can look chic with this styling used, offset by sparkling crystal and rhinestones.  Some interesting examples of this trend can be found at Adorn London blog.   Emerald green and sea blues are on trend, and are effective in glass collections, and building decor around such a collection can create some amazing effects.  The details for both of these stores are available below, and both have been part of the Art of Elegance Fair series, continuing to provide vintage and decor inspiration through their style.

Amaroo Antiques & Art – Eric and Mary Wytkamp

82 Nolan Street, Maryborough Victoria 3465

Phone: 0447 501 554


Wear J’a Get That? – Mandy Tranter

77 Nolan Street, Maryborough Victoria 3465

Phone: 0448 919 538


Words and images: copyright M. Roleff 2013.