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Posted on February 12, 2014


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Lynn Mewburn of Mewburn Designs, in Ballarat Victoria, has an impressive and beautiful range of reproduced Antique, Deco and Vintage gift cards and posters, which will be at Art of Elegance Fair Maldon this Saturday.  A browse through the online store, wholesale and retail, is wonderful, showing originals in gorgeous colour and style of the different eras.  Mewburn Designs also has a stylish boudoir range as well, in sepia of both cards and posters.  In addition to the magic show themed poster above, there are many others available through her website.   The card range even includes Victorian Tea Party styles, (see below) and a gorgeous embellished glittering fan!  Part of the sales of these cards goes to charity, so check the website (linked below) for details.   All images can be viewed online in a larger size so their exquisite detail can be clearly seen, just double click on them, once there.   Mewburn Design‘s trading space theme will show various eras at once, and will be well worth a visit for special gifts, home decor and vintage reproduction art collecting.   Don’t miss it!

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Lynn Mewburn – Mewburn Designs – Ballarat, Victoria

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