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Posted on May 19, 2014


Lots happening in the vintage and retro worlds at the moment, and many shifts and changes within these worlds.  One of the main reasons for this is, that like antiques and collectibles, they go through cycles, and because the items are one offs or rare, the scene waxes and wanes.  A bit like mainstream fashion seasonal shifts, but very different in that true collections are made of items that cannot be manufactured or ordered again.  Once they are bought into a collection, they are out of circulation, until the time when the owner decides it will be released to the public again.  This is part of the excitement of collecting, in that you never know when a collection will be released, and when they are, usually it’s like going through a treasure box, or time vault.

Amaroo 7  1930's USA Import Bodice Detail  Wear J'a Get That? 3

Some great shops who do all the hard work for you, are Maryborough’s Amaroo Antiques and Art and Wear J’a Get That? and Castlemaine’s Vintage etc., and well worth revisiting, because you get the benefit of their eye for style and collecting.  They also know what’s going on in the business, and where it’s at.  JDS nearby to Maryborough traders has a brilliant range of vintage instruments, and there are arcades and more traders too, in Nolan Street.  (Find their contact details in the links above)  The Red Store in Newstead is another place to find out about vintage and antique in the interiors world.  All of these have been featured on this blog and have participated in fairs or assisted with promotions, and also have a strong following.   City vintage fans will find the best source of vintage and retro  news at Circa Vintage Clothing in Melbourne.  — Nicole Jenkins was present at the Winter Art of Elegance Fair in 2012, and held a talk about her first book, Love Vintage, as reported by Melissa Polglase on Glamourista.  It was so successful a resource, that it is very pleasing to say another is in the works, due for publication later this year.  More news of this later!

Wear J'a Get That? 4    DSCF8487  Silver Set

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Art of Elegance Fair will report more regularly on trends and happenings in the vintage and retro worlds, and has a new Facebook page due to some glitches in their system (hmmm!?), and is also now on Google +, which seems to be still finding its niche, and is taking time to catch on.  Events in new formats will be posted on soon, so stay tuned!

pics above L – R Amaroo, Vintage etc., Wear J’a Get That? (shoes and glassware), JDS vintage instruments, The Red Store decor style.

words: copyright M. Roleff, 2014

images: traders M. Roleff, 2014 – Fair Autumn, T. Titshall 2012 copyright.