Tea Cosies & Dollies – Art of Elegance Fair – Maldon, Victoria

Posted on October 21, 2014


photo Dollies RH copyright 2014

Some great new designs from Rosy Hardress, especially for Art of Elegance Fair at Maldon Progress Hall.  These are the best, — Rosy calls them Ugly Dollies, — but they are gorgeous too, beautiful colours and just right for a hug from the right person.  Great as gifts or for a bad hair day, a bit of comfort of the woolly kind.  Rosy uses up-cycled yarns wherever she can for her Corridor Gallery label, and crafts them into beautiful pieces of her own design.  High on the comfort factor, these dollies are great.  Also featuring is a gorgeous stack of sweet doughnuts and other cakes, piled high on a teapot cosy, and topped by luscious cream with a cherry on top!  Perfect for showing off on the sideboard at home, or for a tea get together with special friends.  Excellent gift for the discerning collector too, as these are one offs, and made to keep.  Find Rosy’s Corridor Gallery trading space outside at this fair, in the sunny front garden of the Maldon Progress Hall.  Don’t miss Art of Elegance Fair Spring, this Sunday 26th October, 2014!  See you there!

photo Tea Cosy RH copyright 2014

words, copyright M. Roleff, 2014

images, copyright R. Hardress, 2014

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