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Posted on December 10, 2014


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Looking for inspiration on how to make the Christmas Day gathering festive with vintage fusion style?  Stuck for ideas on a fresh approach to the holiday season get together?  Lachie McKay from Your Mantra Maryborough has loads of design and decor experience, and thinks this take on rose and peony rich Shabby Chic trends with an exotic Eastern twist is great for freshness and fun:  “Adopt exotic floral vintage chic for festive summer and holiday living, and visit us at Your Mantra for advice on how to achieve this look.”  Your Mantra offers a total festive home experience, with suggestions of fragrances and oils as well: “Choose scents such as orange and cloves, white sage and lavender, lifting the spirits as you welcome family and friends to your home.”  Mix the traditional with the exotic, peonies from ancient Eastern cultures blend with the French Shabby Chic, and a regal Buddha presides over it all with a calm serenity for gatherings. Eastern cultures brought their beauty to the West, and many vintage styles find their roots in these exotic lands.

White and Silver Christmas Bling

Place Festive Gifts

Family, friends or guests will welcome these sparkling crystal gift ideas, too, or perhaps a fabulous white rhinestone watch, or black, shining from a place setting at the table?  Choose from many different and stylish designs in this range of elegantly gift boxed watches. Wrapping is available no charge, and includes ribbon accents.  Place settings are fun to arrange, using different textures and influences.

Place Setting Decor Festive  Place Setting Festive

Lachie suggests: “Earth elements to go with the Eastern feel, floral accents wherever possible, paper and twine, or Gran’s special cool organic white linens too, with white crockery, easy to add colour to this setting in the way you want to.” (See images above and below) “Green foliage can lift the festive centre piece, or perhaps grace every place setting in a stunning way, if flowers are hard to get hold of.  These naturally made flower accents are lovely, too.”  See Lachie at Your Mantra for some inspiration, and give your festive time the style that will make the difference!  Find further details and contact information below.

Floral Place Setting Festive  Detail Floral Place Setting Festive

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