Vintage Spring Collectibles – Amaroo Antiques & Art – Maryborough, Victoria

Posted on September 24, 2015



With Spring here, and the usual sorting of the household, visit Amaroo Antiques & Art for some fine collectibles to refresh your existing collection or start a totally new one.  It is the season for changes, and bright new decor around the home can be a real boost.  Choose from porcelain jugs of different kinds and sizes, traditional Toby Jugs with interesting character faces on them, fashionable coloured glass, Royal commemorative porcelain items, and lots more.  Eric and Mary have many years of experience shared from their fabulous treasure trove store in Nolan Street, Maryborough, see full contact details below.


Australian and English pottery and ceramic ware, popular 50’s wall decor, and china trios from different countries are all exciting to collect.  Once a collection is started, it becomes a lot of fun, and lots of things of interest are learned about too, such as different eras in history, why certain styles and looks changed, and values of items though the years.  Search for different vintage tins of great quality for collecting, or start a fancy plate collection on the wall.  Cabinets and small items of furniture showcase collections in that current vintage style so attractive in home decor.

Worth the country drive to Maryborough, 2 hours from Melbourne GPO, as there is so much to choose from at Amaroo Antiques & Art, and expert advice is always available.  Find rare pieces, too, reasonable price tags, friendly service and informative collecting advice.  Maryborough Railway Station has re-opened, so it’s a great ideas to spend the morning touring Amaroo and other vintage stores along Nolan Street, and then have a coffee and lunch at the new Tracks Bar and Restaurant.  This lovely store is a local and tourist favourite, so make plans for a visit soon with the weather warming up!

Eric & Mary Wytkamp, Amaroo Antiques & Art

82 Nolan Street, Maryborough Vic. 3465

Phone: 0447 501 554 (overseas enquiries welcome)

Trading Hours: Monday (Closed Tues) to Friday 10 am to 5 pm  Saturday 10 – 1 pm & Some Sundays, ring beforehand

words & images: copyright M. Roleff, 2015